IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program

IT GRC Programs — Why Now?

The stakes are high for the effective operation of higher education IT organizations. IT GRC programs help level the playing field.

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The EDUCAUSE IT GRC program provides resources that help you define and implement IT governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) activities on your campus.

GRC issues increasingly pervade higher education information technology. As institutional investment in IT and reliance on information systems have grown, so has the need for reliable structures and measures to ensure success and minimize failure.

IT GRC programs develop a framework for the leadership, organization, and operation of an institution's IT programs. This framework can be used by IT staff to ensure that their programs support and enable the institution's strategic objectives.

  • A member advisory board, member working groups, and representatives from complementary organizations advise EDUCAUSE in the development of best practices, toolkits, and case studies.
  • An ECAR research study benchmarks how higher education institutions are approaching IT GRC practices. (pictured, right: a snapshot of the ECAR IT GRC infographic)
  • A discussion group provides a community forum for IT GRC topics.
  • Additional resources from NACUA have been made available to EDUCAUSE members through the organizations' collaboration on IT GRC.




Advisory Committee

The committee recommends strategic direction for the IT GRC program and provides subject expertise to activities and working groups. View Members >

Discussion Group

The discussion group provides a community forum for IT GRC topics. Join Now >

IT GRC Research

How do we balance risk and compliance issues with the open environment of an academic institution? ECAR answers this question and others in a recent research study. Learn More >

Higher Education Compliance Alliance

This partnership of 20 national associations aggregates compliance news and resources from EDUCAUSE and other participating associations, government agencies, and relevant websites. The Higher Education Compliance Alliance website is designed to be a continuously updated resource for administrators and others on campus seeking to understand their compliance obligations.

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