Teaching and Learning

Advancing postsecondary learning success




What is EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning?

EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning advances postsecondary learning success by fostering the innovative use of technology grounded in learning science, refined through evidence-based practice, and seamlessly incorporated within new, learning-centered models at all levels of education.

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative is a community of higher education institutions and organizations committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology. The community’s broad interests include technology-enabled learning environments, faculty development and engagement, the collection and use of data to inform decision making, and the sharing of both innovation and proven practice in online and blended learning.

Next Generation Learning Challenges accelerates educational innovation in both K-12 and higher education to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the U.S. by investing in transformative learning strategies and fostering informed networks of next gen model creators and tool developers.

Programs and Resources

7 Things Icon7 Things You Should Know About …

Short overviews of key emerging technologies and practices that have significant potential for teaching and learning.

Leading Academic Transformation (LAT)

Leading Academic Transformation is a community of practice designed for senior campus leaders who advance their institution's teaching, learning, and student success mission through the innovative use of technology.

Seeking Evidence of Impact

Finding effective practices that enable the collection of evidence to support decision-making.

Online Course Portfolio

Various opportunities for online engagement and interaction on today's most critical teaching and learning topics.

Learning Space Rating System

Criteria to assess how well the designs of classrooms support and enable active learning activities.

NGLC Grant Recipients

Higher ed and K-12 innovators creating technology-enabled tools and new models for teaching and learning.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Teaching and learning professionals face an ever-changing field in higher education, making exceptional leadership and innovative design skills more important than ever. The EDUCAUSE Institute portfolio offers a comprehensive leadership development pathway for advancing academic transformation.

ELI Leadership Seminar at the ELI Annual Meeting

  • Deeper learning session threaded throughout the annual meeting
  • To combine leadership and expertise on a current topic

Learning Technology Leadership Program

  • Week-long summer residential program
  • To understand strategic skills for influencing decision-making