Seeking Evidence of Impact

Seeking Evidence of Impact

SEI Icon Seeking Evidence of Impact (SEI) is a program led by the ELI teaching and learning community to find current effective practices that enable the collection of evidence to help faculty and administration make decisions about adopting and investing in best practices. As the pace of technology change continues unabated, institutions are faced with numerous decisions and choices with respect to support for teaching and learning. With many options and constrained budgets, faculty and administrators must make careful decisions about what practices to adopt and where to invest their time, effort, and fiscal resources. As critical as these decisions are, the information available about the impact of these innovations is often scarce, uneven, or both.

The SEI program supports new practices that enable more institutions to measure impacts and produce data, providing a richer, evidence-based picture of innovative teaching and learning programs. We encourage an inclusive discussion with faculty members, instructional support professionals, librarians, students, and research experts in a collaborative exchange of insights and ideas.

Get involved in the SEI program. Work with us to:

  • Catalyze new collaborations to advance evidence-based applications of learning innovation
  • Enable participants to become (re)acquainted with current effective practices
  • Encourage the teaching and learning community to explore ways of gathering evidence
  • Inaugurate ongoing dialogues, projects, and collaborations that help enable institutions to effectively gather and share evidence of impact

Contact us to learn more, get involved, and share your insights

Kathe Pelletier, Director, Teaching and Learning Program


SEI relies on community participation. Tell us about effective practices you're using or know of and get involved with this project.