AI: Where Are We Now?

EDUCAUSE Showcase Series | AI: Where Are We Now?

Is the use of AI in higher education today invisible? dynamic? perilous? Maybe it’s all three.

Invisible Yet Impactful

EDUCAUSE Review Special Report | Artificial Intelligence: Where are we Now?

As AI works quietly, even invisibly, in the background, its impact is demonstrated by numerous pockets of excellence.

See the EDUCAUSE Review AI Special Report

AI Usage for Instructional Tasks. Percentage of responses for each item: Tracking for potentional use (Track), Planning, piloting, and initial usage (Plan), Some usage (Some), Full or mostly full usage (Full).  Provide feedback on assignments: Track 21%, Plan 7%, Some 14%, Full 0.  Tutoring: Track 33%, Plan 3%, Some 7%, Full 2%.  Conducting assessments: Track 26%, Plan 6%, Some 15%, Full 0.  Grading assignments: Track 22%, Plan 4%, Some 22%, Full 1%.  Creating personalized learning opportunities:  Track 35%, Plan 5%, Some 15%, Full 1%.  Proctoring: Track 16%, Plan 5%, Some 35%, Full 6%.  Using plagiarism-detection software: Track 10%, Plan 9%, Some 39%, Full 20%.  'EDUCAUSE QuickPoll Results: Artificial Intelligence Use in Higher Education,' EDUCAUSE Review

Dynamic Yet Demanding

Infusing immersive learning with AI creates dynamic experiences while placing new demands on staff and resources.

Read “AI Plus VR at Purdue University Global,” EDUCAUSE Review

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The use of AI AND IMMERSIVE LEARNING TECHNIQUES augments learning experiences and reinforces concepts presented in both didactic and clinical courses and coursework.

Perilous Yet Promising

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Some applications of AI in higher education reveal its perils, but at least one development shows its promise.

Watch "Three Pitfalls of AI" [video]

Tips for Using AI Wisely in Teaching & Learning: Be careful not to over-rely on automated suggestions | Stay on the lookout for 'false flags' | Take the time to understand AI-generated evaluations.

Member QuickTalk | Showcase Coffee Shop

Missed the Member QuickTalk | Showcase Coffee Shop | AI: Where Are We Now? Access the recording to hear from leaders in the EDUCAUSE community as they discuss the promises and perils of artificial intelligence in higher education.

From this Showcase, we hope you'll take away a new understanding of the current landscape of AI in higher education.

Next up, we'll explore why data literacy is important across departments and how prioritizing data literacy can impact institutional mission. Tune in to “Read It Right: Data Literacy's Impact on Institutional Mission,” launching July 25.