Post-Pandemic Future: Implications for Privacy

The time has come for privacy to expand beyond compliance to include determinations about what should be protected and consideration of ethical implications, balancing institutional priorities with the rights of individuals. The intersection of issues including COVID-19, student success, and the emergence of the chief privacy officer (CPO) role highlights the growing importance of privacy in higher ed for 2021 and beyond. Going forward, privacy must be baked into all decisions made by institutional leaders.

Post-Pandemic Future: Implications for Privacy, An EDUCAUSE Showcase Series

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The Effects of COVID-19: They’re Listening

Cover image of the 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: Information Security Edition. Includes collage of keys and keyholes.

2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report

Information Security Edition

As students and staff moved to learning and working remotely because of COVID-19, privacy implications multiplied. Contact tracing, the increased use of home personal devices, and issues related to the proliferation of videoconferencing have ushered in unprecedented privacy concerns.

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Before COVID-19, only one-fourth of institutions required training on privacy policies. Source: EDUCAUSE Core Data Service, 2018

Student Success: A Private Affair?

2020 Student Technology Report

Supporting the Whole Student

The shift to remote learning has generated enormous amounts of data, including data that can be useful to student success initiatives. Analytics and data are also fueling new recruitment and enrollment methods. More data, used more widely, increases privacy risks for current and prospective students.

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The Rise of the Chief Privacy Officer:
Today’s Unicorn

The Evolving Landscape of Data Privacy in Higher Education

Privacy in higher education has historically been managed in a variety of ways by different roles and positions, including legal counsel and information security officers. Fueling the need for chief privacy officers (CPOs) are (sometimes conflicting) privacy and security requirements and the difficulty for one role or office to devote sufficient time to both privacy and security. Instituting the role of CPO at your institution may be your transformational solution to addressing these needs.

A study by EDUCAUSE and Huron

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In 2018, privacy ranked last among key areas of information security in budget and staff allocation. But nearly every institution had an organizational unit responsible for data privacy. Source: EDUCAUSE Core Data Service, 2018

Community and Partners

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