EDUCAUSE Strategic Priorities

A vision for the future.

Inspiring the transformation of higher education in service to a greater good

The new EDUCAUSE strategic priorities provide guidance for the association as it works toward its goal of advancing the strategic use of technology and data to further the promise of higher education.

Our strategic vision for the next 3–5 years supports the core beliefs outlined in our mission and vision statements and is centered around developing, connecting, and empowering technology professionals of all types, from all backgrounds.

Strategic Priorities

Elevate technology professionals, technologies and data as strategic assets to transform higher education.

WHY: Technology leaders need to have a seat at the table when it comes to developing overall institutional strategy. Beyond simply representing IT, technology professionals are uniquely positioned to lead efforts to address higher education's current and emerging challenges.

EDUCAUSE will work to actualize the goal of using technology and data as strategic assets that are intentionally deployed in service to the greater good, concentrating specifically on technology-enabled practices that contribute to improved student experiences and learning, as well as more equitable outcomes. Additionally, EDUCAUSE will work to establish diversity, equity, and inclusion practices as normative across the higher education technology sector.


Build institutional capabilities to manage risk and build resilience in an era of systemic change.

WHY: Risks are evolving as fast as the solutions that help safeguard systems, putting institutions in jeopardy of exposing sensitive data and compromising the organization's operations and reputation. Developing institutional resilience has never been more critical.

EDUCAUSE will help the members of our community increase their ability to manage risks that might otherwise threaten the health of their institutions by equipping them with the tools to not only respond and recover during times of change and/or crisis but to thrive. We will continue to grow as a powerful voice for advocacy, resources, and community-building around all things related to cybersecurity and data privacy.


Influence the evolution of the higher education technology market to better serve institutions and learners.

WHY: Successfully overcoming challenges related to higher education technology is inextricably linked to positive and collaborative relationships between institutions and private industry partners.

EDUCAUSE will be a convener of campuses and industry colleagues working to co-create solutions to the current challenges faced by higher education. By spotlighting real-world technology professionals and their use cases, enhancing collaboration between industry colleagues and institutions, and developing resources to assist our community in making informed decisions about technology products and services, we will continue our efforts to help the community achieve their goals.


To read more about the EDUCAUSE Mission/Vision and the new EDUCAUSE Strategic Priorities, check out the article by EDUCAUSE President & CEO, John O’Brien.