Strategic Priorities

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology.

EDUCAUSE strategic priorities provide guidance for the association as it works to maximize its value to member institutions and the profession. In November 2020, the EDUCAUSE Board approved the sunsetting of the organization's five-year strategic plan and approved a 24-month plan to guide the organization through the opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan is rooted in both our response to the changes brought forth by the pandemic but also in our steadfast commitment to our members.

EDUCAUSE's strategic priorities for the next two years are intended to ensure financial stability, improve member experience, and increase member engagement. In order to achieve those goals, EDUCAUSE will need to direct our resources to what is most important to members; work effectively together as one EDUCAUSE, across the organization and with our members; think differently about existing products and services; and respond with agility to new opportunities.

Title: EDUCAUSE Strategic Priorities 2021–2022 | Uncommon thinking for the common good.  Financial Stability through revenue diversification: New membership packages; Themed showcases; Program level sponsorships; Sponsored research; Shared services. Results: Maintain membership levels; Grow corporate support.  Improved Member Experience through community and coordinated content: Uniform community programs; Consistent web experience; Alignment of content, products, services, and events; Just-in-time products and services. Results: Positive member experience; Increase in member satisfaction. Increased Member Engagement through expansion and creation of connection points: Hybrid experiences; Cohort-based learning opportunities; Community platform; Outreach to underserved/new member groups. Results: Growth in number and types of individuals attending events and using EDUCAUSE services.