Developing and Executing Data Strategy Community Group

This EDUCAUSE community group provides participants with a forum for ideation, collaboration, knowledge sharing and discussing successes and challenges related to the key aspects of data strategy development and execution. Participants are encouraged to collaborate on issues related to the value proposition of data strategy, success criteria, roadmaps, design, best practices, and guiding principles. The group enables participants in collaborating and assisting with various aspects of design and development for strategic initiatives, pertaining to data projects, cloud platforms, and service offerings. Join our community of data strategy professionals to learn more about leading and participating in the development and execution of data strategy that is geared towards driving greater customer experience, data-informed decision-making, actionable analytics, and operational excellence in your institutions.

Group Leaders

Satya P Kunta

New York University
Committee Member: 2022-Present

Kait Wilcox

Grinnell College
Committee Member: 2022-Present

Mahmoud Youssef

The George Washington University
Committee Member: 2022-Present

Wendy Woodward

Moran Technology Consulting
Committee Member: 2022-Present