Enterprise, Business, and Technical Architects (ITANA) Community Group

This EDUCAUSE community group serves as the outreach arm for Enterprise, Business and Technical Architects in Academia (ITANA). The group is focused on developing the skills, tools and a suite of resources to assist institutions with their enterprise, business and technical architectural needs. The group also acts to help architects build their peer-group and find mentors. This group supports knowledge transfer by helping architects share their campus efforts, methodologies, models, frameworks, and success stories. It supports practice development by creating a space for enterprise, business and technical architects to grow their expertise. The group also serves as a voice for architecture across higher education. This group will meet at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and will use this list to discuss issues throughout the year. Visit the ITANA website for more information.

Group Leaders

Beth Schaefer

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Committee Member: 2018-Present