IT Accessibility Community Group

Programs, services, and resources at universities and colleges continue to expand exponentially, and delivery methods have become increasingly technology-centric. Unless these technologies are designed and deployed to support the access needs of all users, including those with disabilities, universities and colleges risk excluding qualified students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.

The IT Accessibility Community Group will help the EDUCAUSE community to assess the scope of issues of IT accessibility, identify resources and initiatives, develop best practices on policy and assistive program and service development, and in general focus on how to approach campus-wide universal access to information available via technology by engaging in dialogue across boundaries within and beyond the campus environment. This group meets at the EDUCAUSE annual conference and online on the first Wednesday of the month. The electronic discussion list via EDUCAUSE Connect hosts robust discussion of issues throughout the year and links to the monthly meetings.

Group Leaders

Kyle Shachmut

Harvard University
Committee Member: 2019-Present

Eudora Struble

Wake Forest University
Committee Member: 2022-Present