Women in IT Community Group

The Women in IT Community Group collects and disseminates effective practices in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in higher education IT. Through both virtual and face-to-face networking opportunities and by making good use of its affiliation with the National Center for Women & IT, this group provides a venue for addressing a wide range of issues affecting women IT professionals in colleges and universities, including securing high level leadership roles in higher education. This group meets at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and uses the electronic discussion list to discuss issues throughout the year.

Group Leaders

Teri Abbo

Oakland University
Committee Member: 2020-2023

Carolyn Ellis

University of California San Diego
Committee Member: 2022-Present

Shellie Hubert

Michigan Technological University
Committee Member: 2022-Present

Rachel Moorehead

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Committee Member: 2020-2023