Presenter Concierge

When you are accepted to present for the EDUCAUSE community, face-to-face or online, your presentation will likely be viewed (synchronously or asynchronously) by hundreds of higher education professionals. Whether your session is 15 minutes or a full day, preparation is the single most important part of making a successful presentation.

Delivering an Engaging Learning Experience

3 people sitting in a group with a presenter standing talking to them.

As a presenter at an EDUCAUSE event, you're providing valuable information, advice and direction to your peers. With that responsibility comes certain expectations about the professional manner in which those items will be shared. We've created these "concierge" materials to assist in your presentation preparation.

The micro-learning module series below will help you to create an outstanding presentation by focusing on the practices adopted by the most effective speakers, presenters, and facilitators. Expect to spend approximately 30 minutes with the entire 6-part series, but each module is less than 5 minutes. The content below also includes machine-readable PDF versions supporting user choice and greater accessibility.


Presenter Support Modules

(All resources mentioned in the modules can be found on the resources tab.)

  • WATCH FIRST, Series Introduction (3:10)
    This module provides a brief overview of the 6 modules. The first four modules can be applied to face-to-face and online presentations and the last two are for special situations: online and panel presentations.
    machine-readable PDF version of the presentation
  • Presentation Content and Detail (4:19)
    This module provides guidelines on how much content to include in each slide, the appropriate level of detail, how to effectively present data, and resource list development.
    machine-readable PDF version of the presentation
  • Audience Interaction (4:22)
    This module shares four expert-presenter strategies for interacting with your participants, in addition to the ones presented in How to Use Presentation Time Effectively.
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  • Panels (3:38)
    This module reviews how to facilitate, organize and structure content, and engage the audience in panel presentations/discussions and is intended to supplement the four general modules on presentations.
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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (3:19)
    The best presenters honor the diversity of lived experience in their audience or peer-learning group. They design and engage interactions to foster connection and belonging for individual and group learning needs. This micro-learning module will help you to ensure that your presentation follows the best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI.
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