Analytics and Institutional Decision Making

Give your campus leadership the data they need. Campus leaders are looking for information about institutional performance. In response, IT faces the challenges of integrating data, managing data governance, and producing meaningful analytics to support decision-making.

Enterprise IT Case Studies

In this set of EDUCAUSE Review case studies, see how four institutions have provided the kinds of information their campus needs for decision making.

Using Data for Institutional Decision Making

Analytics in Higher Education, 2015

Results from an EDUCAUSE study on the nature, magnitude, and future directions of analytics in higher education. Includes guidance to institutions enhancing or developing analytics programs

The Compelling Case for Data Governance

ECAR working group paper describing the importance of data governance, who should be involved, and how to make it work

EDUCAUSE Analytics Services EDUCAUSE Analytics Services provides higher education leaders with insights on peer institutions and benchmarks.

Cybersecurity Program

Help with information security related to analytics

EDUCAUSE Library page on Compliance EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations to help you create reliable structures and measures to ensure success and minimize failure

Digital Capabilities in Higher Education, 2016: Analytics

This report examines the status of analytics maturity and deployment in higher education.

EDUCAUSE Library Analytics Page

EDUCAUSE resources on analytics

EDUCAUSE Library Business Intelligence Page

EDUCAUSE resources on business intelligence

EDUCAUSE Library for Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) Page

Explores EDUCAUSE resources related to iPASS, an integrated approach that promotes shared ownership for educational progress among students, faculty, and staff