Business Process Review and Cloud Migration

Reconsider business processes as part of your cloud migration. Moving an IT service to the cloud provides an opportunity to examine and evolve the business processes supported by that service.

Enterprise IT Case Studies

In these EDUCAUSE Review case studies, see how two institutions have used a cloud migration to help their institutions rethink business processes.


Reexamining Business Processes

Good Enough! IT Investment and Business Process Performance in Higher Education

A look at the performance of business processes in higher education, with a special focus on how IT investments have influenced that performance

Demonstrating Value Through IT Service Management in Higher Education

A discussion of the importance of business process management as part of IT service management

EDUCAUSE Analytics Services EDUCAUSE Analytics Services provides higher education leaders with insights on peer institutions and benchmarks.

Cybersecurity Program

Help with understanding the implications of business processes on information security

EDUCAUSE Library page on Compliance EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations to help you create reliable structures and measures to ensure success and minimize failure

EDUCAUSE Library Business Process Reengineering Page

EDUCAUSE resources on business process reengineering


Recommended Reading