Using Analytics to Answer Important Institutional Questions

Answer important organizational questions through the effective use of analytics and business intelligence.

System integrations, implementations, and upgrades offer the opportunity to demonstrate the value of analytics and business intelligence to answer important questions related to progress on institutional goals. Overall, integrating data and systems can help improve your institution’s ability to make information-based (rather than intuition/gut-based) decisions.

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  • Read the Overview: Get a quick overview of using system integrations or implementations to demonstrate the value of analytics and business intelligence.
  • Hear from Your Peers:
    • In this set of EDUCAUSE Review case studies, discover how IT leaders at Ithaca College, Oregon State University, The George Washington University, and University of Mississippi are using enterprise system implementation or upgrade efforts to answer important institutional questions.
    • In this set of blogs, explore how three institutions used systems integrations, implementations, and/or upgrades to demonstrate the value of analytics:
  • Hear from Industry Leaders: Find advice and ideas from our corporate community about what systems, system integrations, or other tools you should know about to help demonstrate the value of analytics to make better information-based decisions. (Coming spring 2019)
  • Explore Your Toolkit: Discover curated EDUCAUSE resources that can help you further improve your analytics and business intelligence maturity.

Improving Analytics and Business Intelligence Toolkit

Institutional Analytics in Higher Education
An examination of institutional analytics and four steps to move forward to increase analytics maturity
2018 Trends and Technologies: Analytics
Report from the 2018 Higher Education’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies and Trends research, covering the 13 trends and 13 technologies included in the analytics domain
Digital Capabilities in Higher Education, 2016: Analytics An examination of higher education analytics maturity and deployment based on the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service
Building Institutional Analytics Maturity
Key takeaways from the 2015 EDUCAUSE/NACUBO IT Summit regarding where institutions should focus their efforts as they build analytics maturity
Moving the Red Queen Forward: Maturing Analytics Capabilities in Higher Education
An article about how colleges and universities can mature their analytics capabilities without working twice as hard
EDUCAUSE Analytics Services EDUCAUSE Analytics Services provides higher education leaders with insights on peer institutions and benchmarks.
EDUCAUSE Library page on Analytics EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations on analytics
EDUCAUSE Library page on Business Intelligence EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations on business intelligence
EDUCAUSE Library page on IT Governance EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations to help IT support and enable institutional strategic objectives

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