Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

Sunsetted: Key Issues in Teaching and Learning
For more information regarding the key trends, emerging technologies and practices, and future implications in educational technology, refer to the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report. If you have any questions regarding the annual Key Issues in Teaching and Learning survey, please contact Kathe Pelletier, Director, Teaching and Learning Program, EDUCAUSE.

2019 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

Each year, ELI surveys the higher education community to determine key issues and opportunities in postsecondary teaching and learning. These key issues serve as the framework, or focal points, for our discussions and programming throughout the coming year.

More than 1,400 community members voted, and the following were identified as the 2019 Key Issues.

Download the infographic below and share with colleagues, or explore each of the issues more deeply with these resources.

2019 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning Infographic


Issues, Technologies, and Trends Resources

Higher education leaders and decision makers use the annual Issues, Technologies, and Trends resources—the Top 10 IT Issues, the Strategic Technologies and Trends, the ELI Key Issues in Teaching and Learning, and the Horizon Report—to know what's important and where to focus in their IT planning and management activities. When viewed together these resources provide more complete and nuanced guidance on institutional IT priorities.

Take a Deeper Dive into the Key Issues

1. Faculty Development and Engagement

2. Online and Blended Learning

3. Instructional and Learning Experience Design

4. Digital and Information Literacy

5. Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

6. Competency and New Methods of Learning Assessment

7. Learning Analytics

8. Open Education

9. Evaluating Instructional and Learning Innovations

10. Academic Transformation

11. Adaptive Teaching and Learning

12. Learning Spaces (including Makerspaces)

13. Microcredentialing and Digital Badging

14. Digital Learning Architectures

15. Integrated Planning and Advising Systems for Student Success (iPASS)