These thought-provoking books, authored by community experts, peers, and college and university presidents, take a look at important issues that are changing the landscape of education and information technology.

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Former EDUCAUSE President and CEO Diana Oblinger talks about Game Changers, published with generous support of Ellucian.


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The Tower and The Cloud Book Cover
The Tower and the Cloud
Richard N. Katz, Editor
EDUCAUSE, Published: October 2008; PDF format

The Tower and the Cloud explains how empowerment of the individual reduces the reliance on traditional institutions in favor of emerging virtual ones, while ubiquitous access to high-speed networks makes it possible to leverage scale economies. This volume examines the impact of IT on higher education and on the IT organization in higher education.

Learning Spaces Book Cover
Learning Spaces
Diana G. Oblinger, Editor
EDUCAUSE; Published: October 2006; HTML and PDF formats

Learning Spaces focuses on how learner expectations influence spaces, the principles and activities that facilitate learning, and the role of technology from the perspective of those who create learning environments: faculty, learning technologists, librarians, and administrators. This e-book represents an ongoing exploration as we bring together space, technology, and pedagogy to ensure learner success.

Cultivating Careers Book Cover
Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT
Cynthia Golden, Editor
EDUCAUSE; Published: June 2006; HTML and PDF formats

Provides an overview of current principles and practices for career development of IT professionals in higher education. Edited by EDUCAUSE Vice President Cynthia Golden and written by top leaders in the industry who have distinguished themselves and their organizations for sharpening others' skills, institutional savvy, and ability to lead.

NetGen ebook Book Cover
Educating the Net Generation
Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger, Editors
EDUCAUSE; Published: February 2005; HTML and PDF formats

The Net Generation has grown up with information technology. The aptitudes, attitudes, expectations, and learning styles of Net Gen students reflect the environment in which they were raised-one that is decidedly different from that which existed when faculty and administrators were growing up. This collection explores the Net Gen and the implications for institutions in areas such as teaching, service, learning space design, faculty development, and curriculum. Contributions by educators and students are included.

EDUCAUSE Leadership Strategies Book Series


When you need reliable information on IT issues of critical importance to administrators and other professionals in higher education, look no further than the EDUCAUSE Leadership Strategies book series.
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Forum for the Future of Higher Education

The Forum for the Future of Higher Education is a community of academic leaders and scholars from across the country who explore new thinking and ideas in higher education. The Forum facilitates shared inquiry and collaboration on issues likely to influence the future of higher education, primarily in economics and finance, institutional strategy, new learning media and technology, shifts in the global political economy, advances in the cognitive and neurosciences, the student and workplace of the future, and the relationship between campus and community. The Forum sponsors and creates research, presents scholarship at annual Aspen symposia, and disseminates findings throughout higher education.

View all publications from the Forum for the Future of Higher Education. EDUCAUSE and the Forum have a long-term strategic partnership designed to make available to campus leaders and scholars new thinking on key and emerging issues likely to affect their institutions.

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