The Future Is Here: Your 2022 Planning Guide

EDUCAUSE Showcase Series

This showcase is focused on helping you build and support a more proactive orientation to the future of higher education. Equipped with information about the practices, technologies, and trends emerging around us, we can start today to make plans and take actions that will help better position our institutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Creating the Higher Education We Deserve

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EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues

The EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues take an optimistic view of how technology can help create the higher education we deserve—through a shared transformational vision and strategy for the institution, a recognition of the need to place student success at the center, and a sustainable business model that redefines "the campus."

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Envisioning the Future of Higher Education: Shared Vision, Shared Strategy; Student Success as Institutional Success; The Sustainable Business Model. EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues.

2022 Higher Education Trend Watch

The 2022 Trend Watch Report broadens our view to take in the larger landscape of macro trends (social, technological, environmental, economic, and political) to which higher education technology and IT professionals will need to adapt. Institutional shifts across the dimensions of culture, workforce, and technology will help advance higher education toward meaningful and lasting digital transformation.

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The Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Shifts in Workforce; Shifts in Technology; Shifts in Culture. 2022 Higher Education Trend Watch

Taking Action for Future Privacy

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Horizon Action Plan: Privacy

As data and analytics capabilities and remote technologies become increasingly important for institutions, so too do concerns around personal and data privacy. The 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Privacy challenges us to meet those concerns with strategic actions that can help us achieve our goals for safer and more secure institutions.

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What will your institution look like in the future if it begins implementing effective privacy strategies today? 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Privacy