Digital Advertising

Gain Brand Exposure with Higher Ed IT Leaders

There are many ways we can help you build your brand, increase your brand exposure, and promote your products and services. Explore our comprehensive portfolio of digital advertising opportunities below that can help you meet your goals.

Display Advertising

Launch your ad campaign on some of our busiest web pages, which attract more than 2 million visitors per year. Your advertising buy provides exposure in:

  • EDUCAUSE Review
    EDUCAUSE Review comprises comprehensive coverage of current issues and emerging trends in higher education IT, and how information technology affects institutions, higher ed, and society. Content is written by thought leaders from colleges and universities as well as industry members serving the higher ed IT market, and includes interactive elements and multimedia.

  • EDUCAUSE Library
    The EDUCAUSE Library holds the preeminent collection of information and research on technology in higher ed. It aggregates over 21,000 resources created by EDUCAUSE and our members.

  • EDUCAUSE Career Center
    The EDUCAUSE Career Center is the place to find qualified candidates or post higher ed IT job listings. Your company will receive high traffic visibility, as the EDUCAUSE Career Center is one of our top 5 most visited web pages.

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Advertisement Placement Options

Several placement options are available, including:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90px)
  • Skyscraper (300 x 600px)
  • Rectangle (300 x 250px)




New—Ad Retargeting

Broaden your brand's reach and influence by advertising to EDUCAUSE website visitors and event attendees anywhere they visit online.

Ad retargeting is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising—using cookies to access and retarget your ads to the audience you specify as they search the internet and interact on social media—helping you gain sustained brand exposure to quality leads across the web.

You'll receive detailed reports of your campaign results including impressions, clicks, and geographical locations of where your ads are served. No more guessing whether or not your ads are reaching the right people or if they're being seen by potential customers!

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Industry Insights Column

The Industry Insights column in EDUCAUSE Review provides corporations with rich methods of sharing thought leadership with the EDUCAUSE community. Here, you can publish insights, client testimonials, problem-solving ideas, or industry-related topics.

This opportunity is published weekly in EDUCAUSE Review, and receives bonus distribution via our weekly email Content Alerts, sent to 86,000 inboxes.

Gain Additional Exposure
You can gain additional exposure for your Industry Insights article by bundling or republishing it in a targeted e-newsletter of your choice: CIOs & Senior IT, Teaching & Learning, Information Security, Information Technology, or Campus Monthly.


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Content Alerts

Two highly visible ad positions are available in weekly EDUCAUSE Review email Content Alerts, which notify recipients of new EDUCAUSE Review content.

These power-packed news bulletins are emailed directly to 86,000 inboxes on nearly a weekly basis, keeping your company's brand consistently in front of campus decision makers and IT leaders.


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