Guiding Principles for Corporate Programs

In July 2009, the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors embraced an approach to corporate engagement defined by EDUCAUSE’s ability to best serve institutional members, and a set of principles that will guide the creation of products and services for corporations. Corporations play a critical role in helping higher education achieve its mission.

  • EDUCAUSE provides a venue for corporate-higher education exchange.
  • EDUCAUSE actively seeks mutually beneficial relationships with corporations in areas including:
    • Information about technologies and applications that may bring value to higher education.
    • Support of programs that serve higher education IT constituencies.
    • Joint projects to meet member needs, such as the sharing of thought-leadership and development of knowledge resources.

The principles EDUCAUSE has adopted to guide its interactions with corporations reflect an open, flexible approach to advancing the best interests of higher education. These principles will guide EDUCAUSE in the creation and execution of relevant programs.

  • EDUCAUSE is accountable primarily to its institutional members. Higher education values and interests take precedence if ever in conflict with corporate or non-institutional member objectives.
  • All EDUCAUSE members benefit from interaction, information exchange, and collaboration. Beyond financial considerations, corporations and higher education institutions bring value to each other by working together to share knowledge and address challenges facing the community. EDUCAUSE serves as a forum for interaction among institutions, corporations, and other types of organizations.
  • EDUCAUSE respects the proprietary nature of information or products shared by others.
  • EDUCAUSE may create or design opportunities for corporate partnership, feedback, and/or engagement that are not purely financial. For example, these opportunities may include generating content, dialogue, or recommendations to enhance the member experience.
  • EDUCAUSE accepts financial and/or in-kind support from corporations and other organizations; while appreciative of that support, EDUCAUSE makes decisions and takes actions based on the best interests of higher education.
  • EDUCAUSE provides corporations with selected paid promotional or marketing opportunities through which corporations can market products and services to EDUCAUSE members via exhibits, sponsorships, or other promotional venues.
  • EDUCAUSE evaluates external access to member demographic data based on member values and interests.
  • EDUCAUSE does not endorse specific products or services.