EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR)

What is ECAR? ECAR is the only research organization dedicated to understanding IT’s role in colleges and universities. Each year, ECAR conducts diverse research that includes more than 20 timely reports, focused research bulletins, maturity indices, infographics and more. And now, companies can subscribe to ECAR in order to access these specialized resources, targeted specifically to IT professionals and higher education leaders.

Why subscribe? An ECAR subscription benefits companies in a number of ways, including access to timely industry information that informs operational activities such as:

  • Understanding marketing trends
  • Setting strategic initiatives
  • Establishing product and service strategies

In addition, all ECAR subscribers are provided Wayne Brown's Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies (CHECS) reports.

Annual Subscription Pricing

  • Corporate members: $3,600
  • Nonmembers: $5,100


Download a complimentary summary of recent ECAR research projects that focuses on findings and recommendations concerning e-learning initiatives and the student experience.

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