Information Technology Solutions Award

About the Award

The award program for Excellence in Information Technology Solutions honored original and creative higher education projects that applied emerging technologies to improve scholarship, service, or management practices and policies, or that had the potential to change the technology infrastructure so that new technology solutions became possible. Such projects may serve an institution, multiple institutions, or our external constituencies.

The selection committee looked for practices that could serve as models or as inspiration for other institutions, and that addressed areas of widespread interest within our profession. The committee encouraged submissions of projects that dream the impossible dream.

Winners of this award were selected by the EDUCAUSE Recognition Committee.


2005 - Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking (VA SCAN) for VA SCAN Web site

2004 - eArmyU for Customer Service Management with Compliance Tracker Capabilities []

2004 - Sinclair Community College for Student Success Planning []

2003 - No award given

2002 - Intercollegiate College of Nursing / Washington State University College of Nursing for Medically Indigent Rural Area (MIRA) Psychiatric Nurse-Practitioner Program

2001 - University of California, Berkeley for Interactive University Project or the abstract

2001 - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for Student Technology Services []

2000 - Georgetown University for HoyasOnline

2000 - Louisiana State University for Personal Access Web Services (PAWS) or the abstract

1999 - Washington State University for Cougar TRACS (TRAnsfer Credit System)

1999 - Indiana University (Honorable Mention) for The Knowledge Base: Computing Help 24 Hours, Seven Days a Week

1999 - University of California, Irvine (Honorable Mention) for Selective Mass Messaging System

1998 - University of Virginia for Computing Survival Skills Certification Program

1998 - Indiana University for Expanded Grade Context Record

1997 - University of California, Berkeley for CAL PACT: CAL People and Computer Training

1997 - University of California, Irvine for BYPASS: Using Interactive Voice Response Technology in Parking Permit Sales

1996 - Valley City State University for Center for Innovation in Instruction

1996 - Boston College for Telephone Service Self-Activation System []

1996 - University of California, Berkeley for The Berkeley Internet Kit Project

1995 - Indiana University for their Automated Course Exchange

1995 - Sinclair Community College for InTouch Kiosk System

1995 - University of Delaware for Making Delaware Students Internet-worthy: A Responsible Computing Awareness Program