Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT

Cultivating Careers Book Cover Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT provides an overview of current principles and practices for mentoring and developing IT professionals in higher education. Edited by EDUCAUSE Vice President Cynthia Golden and written by top leaders in the industry who have distinguished themselves and their organizations for sharpening others' skills, institutional savvy, and ability to lead, the book's chapters are organized into two sections: the organizational perspective and the individual perspective. In addition, the online site for the book will have exclusive audio interviews with CIOs and other senior IT leaders in higher education who give advice for future leaders and talk about how they overcame challenges and moved ahead in their own careers.

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Cynthia Golden, Editor
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Table of Contents

by Susan E. Metros, The Ohio State University
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Preface: A Commitment to Professional Development
by Cynthia Golden, EDUCAUSE
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by Cynthia Golden, EDUCAUSE
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Part I: The Organizational Perspective

Chapter 1: Perspectives on IT Leadership
by James D. Bruce, MIT, and Brian McDonald, MOR Associates, Inc.
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Chapter 2: A Comprehensive Approach to Professional Development for an IT Staff
by Gene Spencer and Jeannie Zappe, Bucknell University
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Chapter 3: Organizational Strategies for Fostering a Culture of Learning
by Marilu Goodyear, Kathleen Ames-Oliver, and Keith Russell, University of Kansas
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Part II: The Individual Perspective

Chapter 4: Taking Control of Your Career
by William F. Hogue, University of South Carolina, and David W. Dodd, Xavier University
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Chapter 5: The Importance of Mentors
by Susan E. Metros, The Ohio State University, and Catherine Yang, EDUCAUSE
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Chapter 6: The Profession Needs You: Engagement as Professional Development
by Cynthia Golden, EDUCAUSE, and Dan Updegrove, The University of Texas at Austin
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Chapter 7: Work and Life: Achieving a Reasonable Balance
by Tracey Leger-Hornby, Brandeis University, and Ron Bleed, Maricopa Community College District
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Chapter 8: 12 Habits of Successful IT Professionals
by Brian Hawkins, EDUCAUSE
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Chapter 9: Cultivating People
by Lida Larsen and Cynthia Golden, EDUCAUSE
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