Moving from Data Insight to Data Action

EDUCAUSE Showcase Series | Moving from Data Insight to Data Action.

Data is as indispensable as technology to the activities of a college or university. Today’s data professionals are navigating the data journey from "what" to "so what" to "now what" by using insights, planning ahead, and taking action.

Insights: Where We Are Now

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To cultivate a data-driven culture and enable data-informed decision-making, institutions are reviewing and evolving their current data structures.

Read “EDUCAUSE QuickPoll Results: (Re)organizing Data Functions for Today's Analytics,” EDUCAUSE Review

Pie graph showing responses to: Thinking about how these data-related functions are structured at your institutions, do you believe the current structure is ideal for meeting the data and analytics needs of your institution?  Yes: 25%. No: 58%. Don't know: 17%.

Planning: Where We Want to Go

A carefully planned framework can provide the guiding principles and key competencies needed to evolve institutional capabilities in using data to provide actionable strategic insights.

Read “A Modern Framework for Institutional Analytics,” EDUCAUSE Review.

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Data and Analytics Maturity Model. David Weil, Casey Kendall, and Rob Snyder, 'A Modern Framework for Institutional Analytics,' EDUCAUSE Review. 4 Boxes. Strategic Reporting: Assessing, Evaluating; 'How did we get here?' Strategic Analytics: Planning, Predicting, Testing; 'How do we move forward from here?' Operational Reporting: Counting, Observing, Measuring; 'Where are we?' Operational Analytics: Understanding; 'What does it mean to be here?'

Action: How to Move Forward

2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Data Governance

With an articulated vision for an institution’s data governance future, stakeholders can develop and prioritize a set of steps to get there. The actions can be organized into the categories of culture, workforce, and process.

Explore the 2023 Horizon Action Plan: Data Governance

Showcase Webinar

Missed the Showcase Webinar: Moving from Data Insight to Data Action? Access the recording to hear from community data experts.

We hope the lessons from this Showcase will help you use data to drive strategic action at your institution. On May 22, we’ll launch "Online, In-Person, or Hybrid? Yes." This Showcase will explore strategies to navigate the increasingly blurred boundaries between learning modalities.