Engaging Students by Design

Designing learning experiences with quality and accessibility in mind requires us to step back in order to move forward. Pausing to rethink old paradigms will allow us to lean in to innovation. The glittering temptation of the emerging space of digital learning environments offers inspiration, and new tools provide new possibilities, but not without the anchors of learning science, flexible learning spaces, and a student-centered focus.

Student Engagement in the Next Chapter

Improved Student Engagement in Higher Education’s Next Normal

As we begin to write the next chapter for higher education, we need learning design experts to break through old paradigms and rethink pedagogy, assessment, and delivery. Innovative teaching adaptations are also essential to improving student engagement.

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Redefining “Campus”: Integrating Place-Based and Virtual Spaces

Learning Space Rating System

We are finding out how to integrate place-based and virtual spaces for learning, expanding on the idea of the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment. Flexibility for students and faculty can be optimized by the strategic combination of digital tools and classroom spaces.

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Learning to Listen: What Do Students Want?

Student Online Learning

Some students are thriving in online settings, while others crave physical interaction and the face-to-face experience. Higher education leaders must listen to students’ wants and needs and deliver on a new value proposition.

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Community and Partners

Innovative practices and new integrations—along with a culture of care supporting students, faculty, and staff—offer us a pathway to transform higher education. Be part of this exciting process when you register for the ELI Annual Meeting.