Why Analytics Is Your Superhero

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Analytics has superpowers that can help colleges and universities advance institutional goals, strengthen student outcomes, improve quality and efficiency, and enhance teaching, learning, and research.

Colleges and universities can harness analytics superpowers to fortify decision-making, help struggling students overcome obstacles, and even see into the future. As is true for most superheroes, however, analytics superpowers may have a negative side. Using analytics for good requires teamwork and leadership to keep the focus on institutional and student success, as well as an understanding of the possible perils and pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Advancing Analytics Culture: Institutional Readiness and the Data-Informed Culture

From a data steward standpoint, it's vital to have someone bridging across functional areas with a focus on information governance; data standards; identity, access and permissions manaagement; reporting; etc. - Stacey Bradley | University of South Carolina. EDUCAUSE Review, 2015. 

Analytics Self-assessment

Is your institution positioned to take advantage of analytics superpowers? You need to understand institutional capacity and readiness for using analytics as a superhero. And you need to learn how to nurture the kind of data-informed culture that can take the most advantage of those superpowers.

See the Analytics Self-Assessment

Advancing the Analytics Workforce: The Rise of New Roles and the Importance of Cross-Campus Engagement

The Chief Data Officer in Higher Education case study

Every superhero needs an ally. Taking advantage of analytics superpowers means exploring the need for roles and positions such as the chief data officer, as well as fostering data literacy and collaboration across your workforce.

See The Chief Data Officer in Higher Education case study by Mike Kelly

3/4 of institutions intend to maintain or expand their staff of data scientists. Large institutions currently have 1-3 on staff. EDUCAUSE Core Data Service 2020.

Advancing Analytics Technology: The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Use QuickPoll report

With great power comes great responsibility. Higher education leaders can use analytics in very positive ways to better understand and work toward strategic institutional change, but it’s also important to be careful about the negative aspects. Pay attention to the pitfalls and build positive digital ethics practices.

See the Artificial Intelligence Use QuickPoll report

Concerns about bias and ethics are obstacles to implementing artificial intelligence. EDUCAUSE QuickPoll / Artificial Intelligence Use in Higher Education, 2021.

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