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Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2016

Each year, ELI surveys the higher education community to determine key issues & opportunities in post-secondary teaching & learning. These key issues serve as the framework, or focal points, for our discussions and programming throughout the coming year. More than 900 community members voted on the following key issues for 2016


1. Academic Transformation

2. Faculty Development

3. Assessment of Learning

4. Online and Blended Learning

5. Learning Analytics

6. Learning Space Design

7. Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning 

8. Open Educational Resources & Content

9. Working with Emerging Technology

10. Next Gen Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE) & Services

11. Digital & Informational Literacies

12. Adaptive Learning

13. Mobile Learning

14. Evaluating Tech-Based Instructional Innovations

15. Evolution of the Profession



2015 Survey Results

Previously called 'Content Anchors', the top six issues serve as leading themes for ELI events and publications throughout the year. Results are published on this site in the form of a downloadable infographic that can be used in campus discussions. The top six issues in teaching and learning constitute the thematic framework for the 2016 Annual Meeting, and while not exclusive, they represent the areas of keenest interest across the teaching and learning community. 

Based on the input of 530 community members, the infographic below displays the 15 issues in teaching and learning and where they ranked in the 2015 survey.