EDUCAUSE Ambassador Toolkit

Help Your Colleagues Get the Most Out of EDUCAUSE Membership

Welcome, EDUCAUSE Ambassadors!

You play a key part in helping your colleagues and staff stay up to date on the latest in higher ed technology and grow in their careers by connecting them with the research and resources, professional learning, and connection opportunities available through your institution's EDUCAUSE membership.

As an Ambassador, you may spend up to 2–4 hours per month helping inform your colleagues about your institution's EDUCAUSE membership, and also getting them engaged with the tools and resources beneficial to their roles.

Below we've put together the tools you need to get started with your role:

Your Role as EDUCAUSE Ambassador


Definition of Role


EDUCAUSE Ambassador

Individual designated to inform your organization of membership and share program/resource announcements

Inform Your Colleagues About Your Institution's Membership and Benefits
Let your colleagues know they are members of EDUCAUSE with access to extensive member resources. We've made it easy with tips in this toolkit and will use the EDUCAUSE Ambassador Community Group to keep you apprised of news, upcoming events, and hot-off-the-press resources.

Keep Your Campus Colleagues Informed
Serve as a knowledge sharing liaison between EDUCAUSE and your organization. Use the tips you will receive in your bi-monthly EDUCAUSE Ambassador newsletter to help your colleagues take advantage of their member benefits. Be sure to join the Ambassador Coffee Break meetups to get the inside scoop on all things EDUCAUSE.

Be a Key Point of Contact
Be a local point of contact for EDUCAUSE-related questions your colleagues may have. Use the EDUCAUSE Ambassador Community Group to crowdsource ideas and solutions from other Ambassadors, and have a direct pipeline to our membership team to help resolve any tricky member issues.

Your Benefits

  • Special Access and Support
    • Enhance your knowledge and make an impact on your campus by getting access to curated EDUCAUSE content that will help your organization address the challenges its facing.

    • Participate in periodic calls with our programs and services teams to get your questions answered and learn more about our offerings.

    • Grow your network by participating in a collaborative community of ambassadors from other organizations.

    • Connect with your dedicated EDUCAUSE Member Relations Specialist to help you navigate EDUCAUSE resources.
  • Recognition
    • Increase your interaction with colleagues across departments, and improve your visibility at your organization.
    • Earn an EDUCAUSE Volunteer Service microcredential to showcase your leadership skills and initiative to all levels at your organization.
    • Receive an EDUCAUSE Ambassador ribbon at EDUCAUSE events.
    • Add the following to your email signature to promote your role as a key liaison for EDUCAUSE resources and information:

      EDUCAUSE Ambassador for [insert institution]
      Did you know our organization is an EDUCAUSE member? Contact me for information on research, resources, and events you should know about.

Learn more about EDUCAUSE and member benefits.

Five Quick Ways to Get Your Campus Engaged

  1. Announce Your Role

    Introduce yourself and your role to your colleagues, and let them know they have access to membership benefits. Simply download and share an email we've crafted for you by selecting the button below. (Your academic/teaching and learning, IT, cybersecurity and privacy, research, library, and business staff can all benefit.)

    Announce My Role

  3. Connect with Department Leads

    Copy and email the text provided below to your academic/teaching and learning, IT, cybersecurity and privacy, research, library, and business department heads to make sure they know about your organization’s membership and to help them get their staff engaged in membership benefits.

    Email Department Leads

  5. Create a Webpage on Your Site

    Help your entire organization quickly find the information they need about EDUCAUSE activities and resources by adding a webpage that provides an overview of EDUCAUSE on your IT website and campus eLearning/professional development sites (or link to our overview page). Don't forget the EDUCAUSE logo!*

    Download EDUCAUSE Overview

  7. Share This Infographic

    Print and post this infographic around your campus or share it via email, social media, or other communication platforms your organization uses to showcase examples of how EDUCAUSE can help your colleagues.

    Download the Infographic

  9. Share This Post on Social Media

    Share the post below on your organization's social media channels to spread the word about being an #EDUCAUSEMember.

    "Did you know we're an @educause member and everyone in our organization benefits? Find out more. #EDUCAUSEMember"


Ways to Connect with Other EDUCAUSE Ambassadors

  1. Join the EDUCAUSE Ambassadors Community Group

    Collaborate with EDUCAUSE Ambassadors from other institutions.

    Join Community Group

  3. Gather at Our Face-to-Face Events

    Meet your community of EDUCAUSE Ambassadors at our face-to-face events throughout the year, like the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

  5. Browse the EDUCAUSE Ambassadors Community Roster

    Discover and connect with your peers who are part of the program.

    View Roster

Please note—if you do not wish to be designated as EDUCAUSE Ambassador, you can contact our membership team at any time.

*The EDUCAUSE's trademarks, service marks, logos, trade dress and any other identifying mark or insignia (collectively "EDUCAUSE's Trademarks") should only be used in a manner that follows these incorporated guidelines to maintain brand integrity: (a) EDUCAUSE trademarks should not be used on a heavily textured, colored, or patterned background. (b) Keep the trademarks separate from other elements within the design space by maintaining a measure of white space around it, regardless of the medium. (c) EDUCAUSE should be written in all uppercase and, unless formally arranged in advance, any copy should avoid implying EDUCAUSE endorsement.