Financial assistance is available to help with professional development; recognizing a combination of past achievement, personal and institutional commitment, potential benefit, and financial need.

Application Process

An EDUCAUSE scholarship application includes:

  1. Established/updated EDUCAUSE Profile, including short professional bio highlighting accomplishments, honors, and recognition
  2. Your current resume
  3. Completed online application form with eligible event selected.
  4. For EDUCAUSE Institutes Only: One letter of recommendation, either signed and scanned as PDF or a digitally signed PDF from a supervisor or a professional colleague with whom you work regularly. The letter must address the following and not exceed 500 words:
    • How have you observed the applicant demonstrate initiative and/or leadership?
    • What are some of the outcomes resulting from the applicant's initiative and/or leadership?

Scholarship Selection

EDUCAUSE ScholarsTM are selected by EDUCAUSE staff in conversation with the program leaders for each event.

(Please note: Scholarship awards only cover event registration fees; additional support from your institution will be required for travel, lodging, etc.)