Technology Research in the Academic Community

The student and faculty data you need to start conversations with peers, institutional leaders, and faculty about achieving common educational tech goals.

Institutions use EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community (ETRAC) data to develop and support their strategic objectives for educational technology.

How Does ETRAC Work?

ETRAC starts with the annual student survey and biennial faculty survey, which you administer locally at your college or university. If your institution participates, you receive access to the ETRAC portal, the online tool where you explore and benchmark your aggregate-level data. EDUCAUSE Research staff publish findings on technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations.


What Do You Want to Do?

Sign up for the 2018 survey

Survey Administrators: Go to the ETRAC Portal. Once logged in, click “Manage Survey Plans” in the portal’s left navigation panel. Click on "Planning Form" to get started.

Access my institution's data

Depending on your ETRAC role, you can view data  by logging into the ETRAC Portal, then clicking "Access Data" in the left navigation panel.

Manage my institution's ETRAC roles

Survey Administrators: Go to the ETRAC Portal and click "Manage Roles" in the left navigation panel.

See what others do with the data

Read the Lethbridge report to learn how this small liberal arts college used their ETRAC data.

See sample survey resources

See 2017 resources, including survey PDFs, IRB planning information, and more.

See if my institution participates

Login to the ETRAC Portal, and from the "Dashboard" page, click the arrow "Review my institution's participation."


2017 Student and Faculty Technology Use Study stats

10+ Years of Research

  • Student Research
    13 years | 597,355 responses

  • Faculty Research
    3 years | 44,178 responses

Annual Survey Cycle

  • October–January: Sign Up and Plan for Survey

  • February–April: Implement Survey

  • July: Data and Almanacs Released

  • October: Research Reports Published

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