Corporate Member Orientation


Welcome to EDUCAUSE! We’re thrilled that you’ve joined our community of over 85,000 IT leaders representing 2,300 higher education institutions and organizations, and over 350 corporations—all committed to advancing higher education around the globe.

To make sure you get the most out of your membership, we’ve put together a brief orientation for you. There are 4 main areas where we can help support your company's strategic direction and business development goals:

Specialized Content/Communities

Some of the prime communities we can help you get access to include:

  • CIOs, IT managers and IT professionals
  • CISOs and Security professionals
  • Teaching & Learning professionals (from instructional designers to academic officers)
  • Enterprise IT staff
  • Higher education policy makers
  • Emerging and established companies in higher education

Resources you might find helpful include:

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In 2017 we’ll host the following targeted, face to face opportunities:

2017 Conference and Event Opportunities

We can provide you with demographics about the schools and types of attendees at each event, and can help you craft a strategy to engage with your target customers. Visit our events site to view more information about each of these opportunities.

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Thought Leadership

If you have research, case studies, and/or insights to share with the community, we have several opportunities available for you, including:

  • Conference Presentations Present in collaboration with a current higher education client or highlight how your implemented solution addressed an institution's need.
  • Industry Insights Published in the online version of EDUCAUSE Review, reaching over 100,000 readers each month, and available forever in the EDUCAUSE Library.
  • Webinars Limited opportunities exist for you to partner with EDUCAUSE to lead a webinar for our community.  These provide an excellent exposure possibility for your company and your solution. Contact us for more information.
  • Content Marketing Pre-printed inserts, outserts and case studies can be placed in the printed version of EDUCAUSE Review, that mails to 22,000 subscribers.

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We have a number of vehicles that can help you achieve your branding goals, including:

  • Print & Display Advertising: Increase your exposure in our award winning magazine EDUCAUSE Review with a readership of 57,000 or on some of our busiest web pages which see 1.7 million visitors per year.
  • Conference Sponsorships: Expand your visibility and engagement by sponsoring conference events, signage and materials.
  • Webinar Sponsorships: Reach highly targeted communities in communications leading up to and during one of our webinar presentations.
  • Newsletter Sponsorships: Your logo and a link to your website or thought leadership piece can be featured in our highly targeted newsletters.

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