Corporate Member Orientation

Welcome to EDUCAUSE! We're thrilled you've joined our community of more than 100,000 individuals representing over 2,000 higher education institutions and organizations, including over 300 corporations—all committed to advancing higher education around the globe.



To make sure you get the most out of your membership, we've put together a brief orientation for you. There are 4 main areas where we can help support your company's strategic direction and business development goals:

Are you the EDUCAUSE Primary Representative in charge of your organization’s membership? Learn more about your role.

Specialized Content/Communities

Some of the prime communities we can help you get access to include:

  • CIOs, IT managers, and IT professionals
  • CISOs and security and privacy professionals
  • Teaching and learning professionals (from instructional designers to academic officers)
  • Enterprise IT staff
  • Higher education policy makers
  • Emerging and established companies in higher education

Resources you might find helpful include:

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In 2021, we'll host the following targeted events:

We can provide you with demographics about the schools and types of attendees at each event, and also help you craft a strategy to engage with your target customers.

Visit our events site for more information.

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Thought Leadership

If you have research, case studies, and/or insights to share with the community, we have several opportunities available for you:

  • New Showcase Series: Strategically align your solutions with grand challenges in higher education and demonstrate how your organization can help guide the community forward. This new, high-visibility series offers never-before-seen thought leadership and branding opportunities, and provides a unique way for your organization to be part of important conversations taking place in the community.
  • Custom and Current Research Studies: Work with EDUCAUSE and the higher education community to collaborate on important research topics or sponsor current EDUCAUSE research that members turn to year-round.
  • Conference Presentations: Present in collaboration with a current higher education client or highlight how your implemented solution addressed an institution's need.
  • Industry Insights: Publish insights, client testimonials, problem-solving ideas, or industry-related topics in the Industry Insights column in EDUCAUSE Review. Attracting 114,000 average unique visitors per month and available forever in the EDUCAUSE Library, this opportunity is an excellent way to showcase your industry expertise.
  • Targeted Newsletters: Link to a content marketing piece of your own (an article, white paper, or report) or republish your Industry Insights content in a targeted e-newsletter of your choice: CIOs & Senior IT, Teaching & Learning, Information Security, Information Technology, or Campus Monthly (targeted to other campus leaders).
  • Webinars: Limited opportunities exist for you to partner with EDUCAUSE to lead a webinar for our community. These provide an excellent exposure possibility for your company and your solution. Contact us for more information.
  • Mentoring: Grow both personally and professionally by becoming a mentor or a mentee. One-to-one and group opportunities are available, where you can get and give support and guidance on topics unique to your skills and needs.

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We have a number of vehicles that can help you achieve your branding goals, including:

  • Digital Advertising: Launch your ad campaign to a captive audience of more than 2 million visitors per year on some of our busiest web pages, including EDUCAUSE Review, the EDUCAUSE Library, and the EDUCAUSE Career Center or take advantage of our new ad retargeting opportunity.
  • Conference Sponsorships: Expand your visibility and engagement by participating in our conferences and events.
  • Webinar Sponsorships: Reach highly targeted communities in communications leading up to and during one of our webinar presentations.
  • Newsletter Sponsorships: A link to your thought leadership piece can be featured in our highly targeted newsletters.

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EDUCAUSE Primary Representatives

As the Primary Representative for managing your EDUCAUSE membership, you are responsible for:

  • Keeping your organization informed of EDUCAUSE programs and services
  • Reviewing and updating your organization’s roster of individuals who can benefit from EDUCAUSE resources and communications
  • Providing payment of annual membership dues

Reviewing and updating your EDUCAUSE roster helps ensure your organization gets the most out of its membership. If you don't have an EDUCAUSE Profile, you will need to create one for access to your roster.

Please notify your designated representatives that you have added them to the EDUCAUSE roster and note that they have the option to opt out at any time.


Your Company EDUCAUSE Profile

Company EDUCAUSE Profiles are featured in our Member Directory. As the EDUCAUSE Primary Representative, you can review and update your company profile at any time to ensure your listing is accurate.

Personal EDUCAUSE Profiles

You and employees across your organization are invited to create individual profiles to tailor your member experience to your interests. Invite your colleagues to create an EDUCAUSE Profile.