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Welcome, Corporate Member!

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We're thrilled you've joined our community of more than 100,000 individuals representing over 2,100 higher education institutions and organizations, including over 400 corporations—all committed to advancing the strategic use of technology and data to further the promise of higher education.

Membership with EDUCAUSE is at an organizational level, and provides you and everyone at your company access to:

  • checkmarkPartner packages within the new EDUCAUSE Corporate Engagement Program.
  • checkmarkOpportunities to share your thought leadership on technology trends and best practices and to collaborate on EDUCAUSE research.
  • checkmarkOpportunities to make strategic connections year-round.
  • checkmarkParticipation in EDUCAUSE volunteering opportunities and the EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program.
  • checkmarkOpportunities to purchase EDUCAUSE Custom Analytics reports of key institutional findings.
  • checkmarkFree webinars and member-only QuickTalks.
  • checkmarkSpecial pricing on training that helps you better understand how to work effectively with higher education, as well as on sponsorships, advertising, exhibits, EDUCAUSE Demo Days, job postings within the EDUCAUSE Career Center, and more.

To get the most out of your membership, take these three steps:

  1. Tailor your member experience.
    Create an EDUCAUSE Profile or log in to tailor your member experience to your interests and to select the email communications you want to receive.

    (Note: Membership is at an organizational level. Invite your colleagues to create a profile to stay up-to-date on EDUCAUSE programs and services.)

  2. Get to know your benefits.
    Explore resources and benefits under the six main areas below and get familiar with the EDUCAUSE website.

  3. Attend The Higher Ed Guide for the Corporate Community online program.
    This program is an essential way to advance (or refresh!) your knowledge and skills about how to work effectively with higher education. View available program dates.

Are you the EDUCAUSE Primary Representative in charge of your organization’s membership? Learn more about your role.

Get to Know Your Benefits

EDUCAUSE offers many opportunities to reach higher education technology leaders and meet your company's strategic direction and business development goals. Below, you'll find just some of the resources and opportunities that we recommend you get to know first under six main areas:

Content and Communities

  • EDUCAUSE Top 10, Trend Watch Report, and Horizon Reports: These annual research reports provide insight into what's important to higher education decision-makers and where they are focusing in their planning and management activities.
  • EDUCAUSE Showcase Series: The EDUCAUSE Showcase Series takes a deeper dive into the annual EDUCAUSE Top 10 to help spotlight the most urgent issues in higher education. For each topic, we gather the tools and resources the community needs into one place, helping guide campuses forward.
  • Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit (HECVAT): This popular toolkit is used by college and university leaders to measure vendor risk prior to purchasing third-party solutions. You can complete the assessment tool and share it in the Cloud Broker Index to help streamline procurement processes with your higher ed clients.
  • EDUCAUSE Review: EDUCAUSE Review is our award-winning digital flagship publication that takes a broad look at current developments and trends in technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society.
  • EDUCAUSE Library: The EDUCAUSE Library is home to the world's largest collection of information about higher education technology. Search within the library to find articles, reports, presentation recordings, and more.
  • Community Groups (CGs): EDUCAUSE Community Groups are online communities where higher education professionals learn from and network with each other around shared topics and interests. There are nearly 80 CGs to subscribe to, just be sure to follow the rules to get the most out of this valuable resource.

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Conferences and Events

Each year, we host several conferences and events where you can showcase your solutions and industry expertise, connect with your target audience, and generate brand awareness.

Event Dates Location Attendees
NERCOMP Annual Conference March 25–27 Providence, RI Over 400 Technology Professionals from NorthEast Regional Institutions
Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference  May 1–3 Minneapolis, MN Over 600 Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference October 21–24 San Antonio, TX Over 4,000 Technology Leaders and Professionals Across Higher Education

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Networking and Demonstrations

  • EDUCAUSE Demo Days: EDUCAUSE Demo Days are online events designed to highlight particular products or services that have been identified by our community as technology needs for their institutions. During each event, a handful of companies conduct consecutive, live 30-minute presentations with 15 minutes of participant Q&A.
  • EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program: This member-only program helps mentees and mentors find and connect with other higher education technology professionals who are seeking guidance, support, and growth in a safe environment.
  • Volunteering Opportunities: There are many ways to volunteer with EDUCAUSE and use your skills and knowledge beyond your organization to make a positive impact on the higher education community and profession. Get involved today to demonstrate your expertise, make connections, and contribute to helping higher education professionals advance their knowledge and careers.

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Thought Leadership

Our community is eager for insights on the use of technology and data in higher education. Opportunities to share your industry knowledge are reserved for EDUCAUSE members and include:

  • EDUCAUSE Showcase Series: Align your brand with a Showcase Series topic of your choice. Showcase Series sponsorship is an all-in-one opportunity to gain prominent thought-leadership and brand exposure, and be part of strategic conversations taking place in the community.
  • Annual and Custom Research and Case Studies: Work with EDUCAUSE and the higher education community to collaborate on important research topics or sponsor current EDUCAUSE research that members turn to year-round.
  • Conference Presentations: Present in collaboration with a current higher education client or highlight how your implemented solution addressed an institution's need at one of our annual conferences or events.
  • Industry Insights Articles: Publish insights, client testimonials, problem-solving ideas, or industry-related topics in our popular Industry Insights channel in EDUCAUSE Review.
  • Targeted Newsletters: Gain repeat exposure of your brand and thought leadership by linking to a content marketing piece of your own (an article, white paper, or report) or by republishing your EDUCAUSE Review Industry Insights article in a targeted newsletter of your choice: CIOs & Senior IT, Teaching & Learning, Information Security, or Information Technology. Choose Campus Monthly to get in front of thousands of other campus leaders.
  • Industry Insights Webinars: Lead a webinar on a topic that positions your company as a thought leader with a campus partner from a higher education institution or via a diverse panel of up to three.

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Branding and Advertising

Achieve your branding goals through:

  • Advertising Opportunities: Leverage one more opportunities within our advertising portfolio to keep your brand consistently in front of technology leaders in higher education.
  • Conference Sponsorships: Sponsor popular activities and resources at our spring conferences and events, and be recognized for your support.

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Professional Learning

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EDUCAUSE Primary Representatives

As the Primary Representative for managing your organization's EDUCAUSE membership, you are responsible for:

  • Keeping your organization informed of EDUCAUSE programs and services

  • Reviewing and updating your organization's roster of individuals who can benefit from EDUCAUSE resources and communications

  • Providing payment of annual membership dues

Reviewing and updating your EDUCAUSE roster helps ensure your organization gets the most out of its membership. If you don't have an EDUCAUSE Profile, you will need to create one for access to your roster.

Please notify your designated representatives that you have added them to the EDUCAUSE roster and note that they have the option to opt out at any time.


Your Company EDUCAUSE Profile

Company EDUCAUSE Profiles are featured in our Member Directory. As the EDUCAUSE Primary Representative, you can review and edit your company profile at any time to ensure your listing is accurate and up-to-date.

Personal EDUCAUSE Profiles

You and employees across your organization are invited to create individual profiles to tailor your member experience to your interests and stay up-to-date on what's new at EDUCAUSE. Invite your colleagues to create an EDUCAUSE Profile.