Leadership Award Recipients

2023 Recipient

  • Cynthia Golden
    Senior Advisor and Former Associate Provost, University Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Pittsburgh

2022 Recipients

  • Michael Berman
    Former CIO, California State University
  • Sue B. Workman
    Former Vice President/CIO, Case Western Reserve University, and Leadership Coach

2021 Recipient

  • Michele Norin
    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

2020 Recipient

  • Jack Suess
    Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2019 Recipient

  • Linda Jorn
    Associate Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & DoIT Director of Academic Technology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

2018 Recipients

  • Richard N. Katz
    Founder and Principal, Richard N. Katz and Associates
  • Celeste M. Schwartz
    Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Digital Officer at Montgomery County Community College

2017 Recipient

  • Susan Metros
    Founder and Principal, Metros Consulting
    Retired Deputy CIO/Associate Vice Provost for Technology-Enhanced Learning, University of Southern California

2016 Recipients

  • William Graves (posthumous)
    Formerly VP at Ellucian and Founder and Director, Institute of Academic Technology
  • Donald Z. Spicer
    Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO, University System of Maryland

2015 Recipient

  • James Hilton
    Dean of Libraries and Vice Provost for Digital Education and Innovation
    University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

2014 Recipient

  • Gordon Wishon
    Chief Information Officer
    Arizona State University

2013 Recipient

  • Brad Wheeler
    Vice President for IT, CIO, and Professor of Business
    Indiana University

2012 Recipients

  • Earving L. Blythe
    Retired Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
    Virginia Tech

  • David G. Swartz
    Assistant Vice President and CIO
    American University

2011 Recipients

  • Marilyn A. McMillan
    Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Technology Officer
    New York University

  • Robyn M. Render (posthumous)
    Former Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and iNtegrate Project Director
    Nevada System of Higher Education

2010 Recipient

  • Ira H. Fuchs
    Former Vice President and Program Officer for Research in Information Technology
    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

2009 Recipient

2008 Recipient

  • Joel L. Hartman
    Vice Provost
    Information Technologies and Resources
    University of Central Florida

2007 Recipient

  • Gregory A. Jackson
    Vice President & CIO
    University of Chicago

2006 Recipients

  • Daniel A. Updegrove
    Vice President for Information Technology
    University of Texas at Austin
  • Howard J. Strauss
    (posthumous award)
    former Manager of Academic Outreach
    Princeton University

2005 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • Ronald Bleed
    Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies
    Maricopa Community College District

Leadership in the Profession

  • Annie Stunden
    Chief Information Officer
    University of Wisconsin?Madison

Leadership in Public Policy and Practice

  • Clifford A. Lynch
    Executive Director
    Coalition for Networked Information

2004 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • M. Stuart Lynn
    Associate Vice President (Retired)
    Information Resources and Communications
    University of California Office of the President

Leadership in the Profession

  • Jacqueline Brown
    Assistant Vice Provost, Information Technology Partnerships
    University of Washington

2003 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • Polley Ann McClure
    Vice President, Information Technologies
    Cornell University

Leadership in the Profession

  • Martin Ringle
    Chief Technology Officer
    Reed College

Leadership in Information Technologies

  • Kenneth J. Klingenstein
    Project Director, Internet2 Middleware Initiative
    and Chief Technologist, University of Colorado at Boulder

2002 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • Douglas Van Houweling
    President and CEO

Leadership in the Profession

  • Diane P. Balestri
    (posthumous award)
    Former Vice President, Computing and Information Services
    Vassar College

Leadership in Public Policy and Practice

  • Kenneth C. Green
    The Campus Computing Project

2001 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • J. Gary Augustson
    Vice Provost for Information Technology
    The Pennsylvania State University

Leadership in Information Technology

  • Carl F. Berger
    Director, Advanced Academic Technologies
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Carl W. Jacobson
    Director, MIS
    University of Delaware

2000 Recipients

Excellence in Leadership

  • Ira H. Fuchs
    Vice President for Research in Information Technology
    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Leadership in the Profession

  • Jerry Niebaum
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services
    University of Kansas
  • David L. Smallen
    Director, Information Technology Services
    Hamilton College

Leadership in Information Technologies

  • Jeffrey I. Schiller
    Network Manager

1999 Recipient

Excellence in Leadership

  • Michael M. Roberts
    Interim President and CEO
    Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

CAUSE ELITE Award (for Exemplary Leadership and Information Technology Excellence)

1998 Recipient

  • John W. (Jack) McCredie
    Associate Vice Chancellor Information Systems and Technology
    University of California, Berkeley

1997 Recipient (posthumous award)

  • Paul Evan Peters
    Executive Director
    Coalition for Networked Information

1996 Recipient

  • Patricia Battin

1995 Recipient

  • Carole A. Barone
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
    University of California, Davis

1994 Recipient

  • Robert C. Heterick, Jr.

1993 Recipient

  • Albert L. LeDuc
    Director of Computer Services
    Miami-Dade Community College

1992 Recipient

  • Bernard W. Gleason
    Executive Director, Information Technology
    Boston College

1991 Recipient

  • Brian L. Hawkins
    Vice President, Academic Planning and Administration
    Brown University

CAUSE Recognition Awards

1990 Recipient

  • Thomas W. West
    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Resources and Technology
    California State University System

1989 Recipients

Institutional Leadership

  • David P. Roselle
    University of Kentucky

Distinguished Service

  • Charles R. Thomas

1988 Recipient

Institutional and National Levels

  • Joseph A. Catrambone
    Loyola University

1987 Recipients

Institutional Level

  • Frank B. Campanella
    Boston College

National Level

  • James I. Penrod
    The California State University/Los Angeles

1986 Recipients

Institutional Level

  • Charles H. Naginey
    The Pennsylvania State University

National Level

  • Douglas E. Van Houweling
    University of Michigan

1985 Recipients

Institutional Level

  • Erwin M. Danziger
    University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill

National Level

  • William E. Lavery
    Virginia Tech

1984 Recipients

Exemplary Leadership

  • James L. Morgan
    State University System of Florida

Professional Excellence

  • Wayne O. Ostendorf
    Iowa State University

1983 Recipients

Exemplary Leadership

  • Vinod Chachra
    Virginia Tech

Professional Excellence

  • Patricia C. Skarulis
    Duke University

1982 Recipients

Exemplary Leadership

  • Joe B. Wyatt
    Vanderbilt University

Professional Excellence

  • Carl Gochenour
    University of Iowa

1981 Recipients

Exemplary Leadership

  • David J. Lyons
    The Rockefeller University

Professional Excellence

  • John F. Chaney
    Higher Education Consultant

1980 Recipients

Exemplary Leadership

  • Ronald W. Brady
    University of Illinois

Professional Excellence

  • Michael M. Roberts
    Stanford University