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Tools to Help Your Students Succeed

From 2015–2018, EDUCAUSE and Achieving the Dream provided implementation support to 36 institutions as they reformed advising structures, workflows, and student support processes using technology. Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) was supported financially by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The program goal was increasing students’ successful completions of their journeys. Support to the institutions included a series of webinars on issues related to technology-enabled advising work from experts in the field and also from the grantees themselves. The webinars contain useful lessons and information for other institutions interested in improving their use of technology in student advising.

Below are links to the webinars with abstracts, and ancillary materials to help you decide which would be of benefit to you.

Student Success Initiative Financial Model

July 2018 | Donna Desrochers, rpkGroup

In this video Donna Desrochers, Associate, rpkGROUP, provides a short tour of the Student Success Initiative Financial Model that introduces how it can be used.

This set of tools provide approaches to support investments in student success that create sustainable innovation and stronger business models.

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Key Structures and Processes for Holistic Student Support

January 2018 | Hoori Kalamkarian, Laura Gambino, and Andrea Lopez, CCRC, Teachers College, Columbia University

The Community College Research Center (CCRC) and MDRC have developed a framework outlining key features of holistic student support at broad-access colleges. Presenters show how the framework can be used as an interactive tool.

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Behavioral Communications in Postsecondary Education

November 2017 | Ethan Fletcher, Managing Director, and Cassie Taylor, Senior Associate, ideas42

Staff from the behavioral design firm ideas42 present how insights from psychology and behavioral economics can help craft strong communications.

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Driving toward a Degree: New Research from Tyton Partners

October 2017 | Nicholas Java, Principal in Strategy Consulting, and Kathryn Martin, Associate, Tyton Partners

Tyton Partners representatives share results from their recent national survey of over 2,000 institutional stakeholders. This survey measured the extent and impact of various student success practices, products and services related to academic advising.

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Advisor Voices

July 2017 | Cammille Powell, ATD, with Miranda Swain, Jackie Loden, and Barbara Smith, University of Texas at San Antonio; Kelly Casperson and Jenni Hyland, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College; and LeeFrederick Bowen, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Representatives from iPASS grantee institutions share advisors' perspective on the advising redesign work at their campuses.

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The Coach Approach to Student Advising

June 2017 | Holly Morris, Summit Strategies (formerly with EDUCAUSE)

Holly Morris, who is certified by the International Coach Federation, brings together the connections among performance measurement, advisor competencies, and the modality of coaching.

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Advisor Competencies

May 2017 | Shellie Keller, College of Southern Nevada

Shellie Keller, College of Southern Nevada shares her research on essential advisor competencies and discusses how they can be leveraged for human resource planning.

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iPASS Performance Measurement

April 2017 | Bruce McComb and Shara Davis, Achieving the Dream coaches

The presenters offer tips and techniques for developing a performance tracking plan and using the iPASS Performance Tracking Guide. The webinar includes examples of plans.

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rpkGROUP: Business Model Findings from the First-year Evaluation

February 2017 | Rick Staisloff, Principal, and Donna Desrochers, Associate, rpkGROUP

rpkGROUP representatives present initial iPASS financial and programmatic findings, addressing what they have learned so far about the cost, financing, and utilization of iPASS technologies.

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Rollout and Adoption of iPASS: Evaluation and Refinement

November 2016 | Nancy Millichap, EDUCAUSE, with Kelly Casperson and Christine Lemerande of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Joe Connell and Christopher Romano of Ramapo College, and Tiffany Mfume of Morgan State University

Presenters from iPASS grantee institutions explore the evaluative measures they are using, what they learned, and the resulting refinements they are planning to make in their technology-enabled transformation of advising.

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Rollout and Adoption of iPASS: Communication and Training

October 2016 | Mei-Yen Ireland, ATD, with Brian Hinote, Administrative Fellow, Middle Tennessee State University and Laurie Fladd, Associate Dean for Mathematics and Brian Almquist, Dean of Student Engagement, both of Trident Technical College

iPASS grantees discuss successes achieved and lessons learned communicating and providing training implementing advising reform at their institutions.

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Student-facing Solutions to Address iPASS: Current Views from Several Institutions

September 2016 | Ana Borray, EDUCAUSE, with Stephanie Crouse, Assistant Professor/Academic Advisor, Montgomery County Community College; and John Campbell, Vice Provost, West Virginia University

In this webinar two iPASS grantee institutions share student-facing dashboards. Presenters address interaction and leveraging information and resources available to make a dashboard intuitive, comprehensive and visually appealing.*

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*The audio introduction (3 minutes) and first few slides are cut off from the presentation due to a technical difficulty. The full deck is available as a resource, and audio begins with the Stephanie Crouse presentation.


Integrating Student Success Initiatives

June 2016 | Mei-Yen Ireland, ATD, with Christine Lemerande and Heidi Thomas, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College; Maribeth Ehasz, University of Central Florida; and Sam Hirsch, Community College of Philadelphia

Presenters share their work creating visual maps of integration efforts and communication strategies for student success. A process for crafting a vision and structure for alignment across the institution is included with four-steps for integrating initiatives and managing difficult conversations around engaging in planned abandonment.

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Aligning iPASS and Guided Pathways

May 2016 | Melinda Karp, Assistant Director, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, and Karen Stout, President, Achieving the Dream

The presenters address the alignment between iPASS and Guided Pathways reform efforts.

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Driving Toward a Degree: Market Perspectives on the Adoption of iPASS as a Mechanism for Advising Reform

April 2016 | Gates Bryant, Partner, Tyton Partners

Tyton Partners, Gates Bryant reviews topline results from a 2015 research effort surveying over 1000 leaders in an advising function. They propose a new segmentation scheme, allowing institutions to benchmark their efforts on attitudinal issues.

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The Challenges and Successes of Technology Vendor Engagement for iPASS Reform

February 2016 | Mei-Yen Ireland, ATD, with Paul Thayer, Associate Vice President for Student Success, and Patrick Burns, Vice President for Information Technology, Colorado State University; and Dawna Perez, Dean of Student Success, and Jeff Bickford, Chief Information Officer, Northern Essex Community College

Panelists from two iPASS grantee campuses address their strategies for effectively working with technology vendors and overcoming challenges in these partnerships.

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How Intentional Change Leadership Can Help Your iPASS Implementation Succeed

January 2016 | Karen Stout, ATD, and Gardner Heaton, Kotter International

This webinar introduces the Kotter Change Essentials program. The discussion includes the value of a vigorous change management effort implementing iPASS, and showing how change leadership can accelerate IPASS on campus.

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